Hammitt: Leather Handbags

In 2008, a small team of Californians began shaping a new, client-focused dream. We created a world where form meets function, quality materials triumph and lifetime promises reign supreme. Since then, we’ve designed to surprise and delight with innovation and evolving functionality.

We guarantee every piece of signature hardware and every smooth-gliding zipper forever.

Need a repair? We’ll handle it free of charge, from start to finish.

Yes, forever.


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Regular price $395.00
    Levy - Black/Brushed Gold Red ZipLevy - Black/Brushed Gold Red Zip
    Levy - Black/Brushed Gold Red Zip
    Regular price $275.00
      Levy: Grey Natural/Brushed GoldLevy: Grey Natural/Brushed Gold
      Levy: Grey Natural/Brushed Gold
      Regular price $275.00
        Otis Tote: Grey Natural/ Brushed GoldOtis Tote: Grey Natural/ Brushed Gold
        Otis Tote: Grey Natural/ Brushed Gold
        Regular price $495.00