Glasshouse Fragrance

Glasshouse Fragrances was founded in 2006 by Nicole Eckels, a New York firebrand far from home. Having ventured to Sydney in search of adventure, Nicole found the native scents of New South Wales to be exotic and enchanting. The products that brought them to life? Not so much. So she created Glasshouse Fragrances as much to fill the fragrant void in the market, as the one in her own living space. She started with a focus on candles, and she made the first versions in her kitchen. Curating ingredients, folding them in layers until the notes became a song, she felt moved to places and times and feelings that weren’t in front of her before. She knew then she had unlocked a power she wanted to share with the world.

Today Glasshouse Fragrances is the leading fragrance brand in Australia. We create a multitude of fine fragrances that take every form, each of which is designed to electrify you through your sense of smell.

Nicole still leads the brand, and our now 180 people. She still creates new fragrances, still invents new formats and double-checks our products every day. She just keeps odd hours now. Because after 16 years, she’s back in NYC—happy to be home and proud to introduce the brand to America.

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