Alashan Cashmere Company

The name Alashan refers to an area of western Inner Mongolia Province, China. The Alashan region, through a combination of climactic, geographic and dietary conditions, is the literal home to the world's finest cashmere and camel hair. During each fiber collection season, the goats and camels from this region produce the most highly sought after fiber in all of China. Many producers seek to add Alashan cashmere and camel hair to their product lines. The garments, knit or woven, that are made from Alashan fiber have an unrivaled handle and softness.

Whether you want a Men's or Women's sweater, any one of the hundreds of accessories that we offer, or a luxurious woven cashmere throw for the home, we hope that you will consider Alashan Cashmere Company, and remember that Alashan is Home to the World's Finest Cashmere.

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